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Breezy Hill Farm Update Feb 19, 2017

Posted 2/19/2017 9:27pm by Art Ozias.


  • Thanks to all who made the ground beef pick up day a total success.  We've started a new list.
  • We also had our first ever sausage day.  It was supposed to be just ground pork, but we had a mix up in communication with the processor.  There were  eight extra pounds and the sausage was great.  Good job Tom.  Yes, it had prepared seasonings, salt, pepper, sage, sugar and red pepper.  The salt level was a little high and SUGAR??  Why add sugar to something that does not need to be sweet.  Save that for a pie or cake!!!  Next time it will be ground pork and we can each add our own spices.  That list is already well underway.  
  • This weather is not normal.  We have renovated about half of our pastures.  Sure glad Dallas has been here to help.
  • Debra started some seeds on the porch for our 2017 garden.  I've been working in the orchard pruning fruit trees.  This weather may prove to be the demise of the fruit production for this year.  The trees are starting to push their buds.  I'm sure we will have some freezing weather and that may ruin the fruit.
  • I  have saved some scions for grafting.  I'll wait until closer to Spring to do the grafting.
  • Mark your calendar for the KC Food Circle Spring Expo, March 25.


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