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Breezy Hill Farm Update Apr 12, 2017

Posted 4/12/2017 9:42pm by Art Ozias.


  • Martins finally arrived and we have two new gourds houses (24 gourds). Today I saw martins at all of the houses.  It's great fun to watch them fly.
  • Also the barn swallows have returned.
  • We finally have blue birds in at least one blue bird house on our lane.  Houses have been there for at least three years and have mostly been places for sparrows. 
  • Anyone wanting to relocate from the city to a 6 acre rural setting can go to and enter Centerview, MO and check out the listing at house number 549.  You could be our neighbor.
  • We still have two milk cows for sale.  Clover is in production and Blondie is due next week.  We are still milking Ruby once or twice a week.  Got to have milk for granddaughter for her "cookie and milk" when she gets to our house after school.  Debra and I had a glass last night for dinner and Guernsey milk is truly the best milk possible.  Remember, I was on the FFA milk judging team that went to state contest in 1958-59.
  • Reminder, anyone wanting to be on the Dirt Hog list, send me an email, half or whole.
  • The ground beef list is progressing.  As soon as we have enough  I'll schedule with the processor.
  • The price for our grass finished beef this year is $4/lb hanging weight.  With processing it will be about $5/lb.  So, a split half (about 150#) would cost $750.  Or, you can shop at our local grocer and buy 150# of their best (feed lot commodity) beef at $4.99/lb and you would have spent about the same amount.  However, with our product you'd be getting truly grass finished beef with all its health benefits.
  • Anyone interested in a chicken tractor and a mobile hen RV with some poultry netting, we have one of each.
  • Anyone wanting to learn the fine art of having a home orchard should get the book, Growing Fruit With A Smile. Our orchard looks the best ever.  I've done some grafting this Spring, but have some more to do.
  • We have some bottles of cod liver oil with butter oil. They sent a full case on our last order.  They are $29 plus $1 for shipping.

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