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Breezy Hill Farm Update Apr 27, 2017

Posted 4/28/2017 2:51pm by Art Ozias.


  • Finally, I have a new hip.  I have not been keeping up very well lately due to the operation.  It will still be a while before I can function as before.  Right now, I have a 25 pound limit for lifting, and am using a walker and  slowly a cane.  Can't do much farm work with those limits.  Thankfully, we will have Dallas, the fourth year ag student at our local university.  He will be helping his grandfather this summer, and can help me as needed.
  • We had a single monarch butterfly lay a bunch of eggs one day on milkweed plants that were just barely 3 inches tall.  By the time the eggs hatched the milkweed had grown and now we have over two dozen caterpillars devouring the milkweed.
  • The Purple Martins arrived in full force.
  • The house on VV will be vacated by end of May.  We will have it ready to show by mid June.  If you know anyone interested in a great location, a unique floor plan, a house with a solar heating system, about three acres of excellent black soil, about 1 1/2 acres of woods, a spring fed creek ,  quick accessibility to four lane Highway 50,direct them to the listing on Zillow.  House is listed on  Just enter zip code 64019 and the house address on Zillow is miss labeled Bb.  It should be VV.
  • Our pasture renovating is complete.  Rains have been great and timely.
  • Blondie still has not had her calf.  If she has a heifer, the price will be increased.  She was due last week.



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