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Breezy Hill Farm Update Jul 16, 2017

Posted 7/16/2017 10:11pm by Art Ozias.


  • Hello Art,

    Just wanted to thank you and tell you how 'wonderful' this last batch of
    meat is........I believe it is the best ever!  I feel so 'thankful' to have the
    opportunity to buy such good meat.

    Again, many thanks to you,
    Barbara L.
  • Our next ground beef is progressing and as soon as we have enough orders we'll process a beef.
  • The freezer beef list is filling as well.  Remember, our pricing this year again tracks with our local grocery store for their "best" ground beef.  Our price is $4/lb and with the shrinkage and processing it will be very close to the stores $4.99/lb. When you submit your request be sure to indicate when you want it and please include your phone number.
  • We have two family milk cows for sale.  One is due to calf next month.
  • We have a portable hen house for sale and will include several pieces of net fencing.
  • Anyone interested in grass finished bones?  We still have some at $3/lb.  Roast them at 425 for 20 minutes and spread the marrow on a piece of french baguette. Google bone marrow recipe for more variations.
  • Peaches, blackberries and cabbage have been great this year.  Several pies, jam, juice and of course kraut.


What's on your peaches?? 


After decades of trying to reform public policy on food and farming, including an intense four-year battle to force mandatory labeling of GMOs (rudely terminated in 2016 when Congress and the Obama administration rammed through the outrageous DARK Act), food activists and conscious consumers find ourselves wondering “what’s the use of lobbying the government?”

Do we really think the Trump administration, the Republican Congress, and farm state and Establishment Democrats care about the toxicity, exploitation and environmental destruction of our food system?

The culinary directive from Congress and the White House this summer goes something like this: Don’t worry. Shut up and eat your Frankenfoods, cheap junk foods, and factory-farm meat, dairy and poultry.

Don’t worry about Monsanto’s Roundup or Dow’s neonic residues in your food and water. Don’t worry about the dubious fare at your local supermarkets, including thousands of products fraudulently labeled or advertised as “natural.”

It's time to step up the attack on Monsanto, pesticides, factory farms, fake “natural” products, organic fraud, and the entire degenerative food and farming system. It’s time to make organic and healthy food the norm, not just the niche market that it still is.

Read Ronnie’s essay: ‘Degeneration Nation’


Art Ozias

(660) 656-3409