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Breezy Hill Farm Update Aug 13, 2017

Posted 8/13/2017 9:32pm by Art Ozias.

  • Miss Ruby has a new home.  She went to a good home.  We still have Clover for sale.  We also saw our Hen RV go down the lane.  We are slowly downsizing.  We actually were able to take a short two day trip to Abilene, Ks to visit the Eisenhower museum  and home.  While we were so close to Salina we visited The Land Institue.  We had a individual tour and they are doing some really great work.  They have accomplished so much and all with only personal donations.   I suggest you visit their web site, ,and perhaps you will decide to help them with a donation.
  • We have not taken a trip for awhile and with the internet one can search for places to eat.  Well, I have learn some lessons for the next trip.  Those "stars" need to be taken with a "grain of salt".  The standards for the bulk of those traveling are obviously well below mine.  One of the nights we chose a restaurant, not a chain, and it appeared to have a goodly number of 5 stars and positive comments.  Ike even used to eat there.  Well, the steak was tough, the wait staff was inattentive, visiting with other customers and when they served a day old baked potato which already had some sort of butter spread on the split potato, the"stars" quickly faded to less than two.  Food service trucks have made it to easy and there is getting to be less distance between a "restaurant" and McDonalds.
  • We are still taking names for the ground beef list.  It looks like the next pickup date will be in September.
  • We have several names on the list for a Dirt Hog.  I haven't heard from any of my sources.  
  • Don't be fooled by the slick TV ad by  It is funded by Monsanto.

Millions of Americans believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows, study finds



What's on your peaches??


Monsanto company officials weren’t too pleased when their internal emails went public. The New York Times reported that one Monsanto scientists wrote this in an internal email in 2001:

“If somebody came to me and said they wanted to test Roundup I know how I would react — with serious concern.”

The email was uncovered in what the Huffington Post reported are more than 75 documents, including intriguing text messages and discussions about payments to scientists, which were posted for public viewing early Tuesday morning by attorneys who are suing Monsanto on behalf of people alleging Roundup caused them or their family members to become ill with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

Monsanto told the New York Times “it was outraged by the documents’ release.

But we are the ones who should be outraged by Monsanto knowingly selling a toxic product, and covering it up by attacking credible independent scientists. By government agencies that allowed, and possibly even colluded in the cover-ups and attacks. And by companies like Ben & Jerry’s that profess great concern for natural ingredients, health, the environment, the climate and “social responsibility,” while excusing themselves from having to live up to those promises.


Was your recent steak you had for that special occasion glued together??


Be sure to read this interview.  Promise you will!! /




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