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Breezy Hill Farm Update Nov. 12, 2017

Posted 11/12/2017 9:19pm by Art Ozias.


  • I will be taking in beeves next week for ground beef.  I'm guessing pick up will be on Dec 2, a Saturday.
  • I sold another milk cow this week, Natalie.  I have two more to sell and then we will be down to a family milk cow.  Debra will not give up her A2, high butterfat milk.  Also, our granddaughter has to to have her cookie and milk when she is here.  How many children get to grow up having access to the "golden" milk of an A2 Guernsey??
  • If you requested ground beef and did not indicate if you wanted a roast or bones, be sure to email me.
  • The latest Wise Traditions publication is all about cancer.  Many very good articles and a wealth of information.  There are options.  There was a very good interview with Nina Teicholz.  It may be available on a future podcast.  If you go to the weston a price website you can see all the available podcasts, plus much more.


Did you know how good an onion is??


The importance of bone broth. We have grass finished beef bones for $3/#.

Tressa Yellig, owner of Broth Bar, “Portland’s first dedicated bone broth café talks about the many benefits from eating traditional nutrient dense foods that come from bones and organ meats. Yelling is a graduate of New York's Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary.  Make sure the bones are from a grass finished animal. 


This is something I've included in my updates. This summer in KC Star there was an article about the loss to a local orchardist who lost most of their crop this summer due to the drift of dicamba. It's one thing to lose a bean plant, but losing a peach tree? It takes 3-5 years to bring a peach tree into production with continuing care in pruning etc. A bean plant can be planted next year and it produces some beans. Oh yes, that damaged bean qualified for crop insurance which we taxpayers subsidized to the tune of 60% of the cost. Who insures their peach crop, and if they do I can guarantee you the government, our tax dollars, did not subsidize it.


Art Ozias

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