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Breezy Hill Farm Update Jan 7, 2018

Posted 1/7/2018 9:12pm by Art Ozias.


  • I have a couple of tubs of pure lard.  They are $6 per tub.  There are no additives like lard sold in the grocery store.
  • We have two chuck roasts and two rib roasts.  They are $6/lb.  They will weigh around 3 pounds.   If you buy a rib roast, I will send you a great recipe.
  • Also, we have bones, marrow bones.  They are $3/lb.
  • Oh yes, we have cracklins from the last lard processing.  They are a great additive for cornbread.

  • "Lord Byron wasn’t just a poet; the “Don Juan” author was also the inspiration for one of the earliest celebrity dieting fads. Legions of aspiring Romantics in the 1800s subsisted on a Vinegar and Water Diet, drinking water mixed with apple cider vinegar before each meal to maintain a chic gaunt look."  Thanks Jack B. for sending the above.  He was alerted to this after reading one of our recent UPDATES with a Dr. Berg video on Apple Cider Vinegar.  Isn't it amazing what we are relearning from wisdom from the 1880's??
  • I was at the local grocery store this past week, and noticed the price for their ground beef had jumped to $5.99.  We use their price as a benchmark for setting our freezer beef prices.  Last year their price was $4.99, and our hanging weight price was $4.00/lb.  Their price in December was $5.19.  That was a 4% increase.  This $5.99 represents another 15%.  We are, for now, holding our price at last year's  $4/lb.  I will be monitoring this for the next three months, and may have to adjust our pricing.  All requests prior to April 1 will be at last years price. 
  •  Another comment from a member.  "Hi Art.  I watched the Hacking video.  I started cutting way back on sugar.  Thanks for putting the video out."  James B.

    Chuck Norris Focuses Attention on Heavy Metal Risks After Enhanced MRI

    After undergoing three MRIs with GBCAs to evaluate her rheumatoid arthritis, Gena O'Kelley, the wife of American film icon Chuck Norris, began experiencing severe physical symptoms that began with a burning sensation in her skin. She described it as if there was acid burning her skin, slowly covering her body. She reports that she visited the emergency room five or six nights in a row, while doctors ran multiple tests for ALS, MS, cancer and Parkinson's disease.

    However, it was O'Kelley who made the connection between her burning skin, contracted arm and cognitive issues and the multiple MRIs she had undergone. She told Full Measure:

    "When we got to the hospital in Houston this last time, and I'm so bad and I said, listen, I am sober enough in my thinking right now, because I had such brain issues going on, I said I'm only going to be able to tell you this one time and I need you to listen to me very closely. I have been poisoned with gadolinium or by gadolinium and we don't have much time to figure out how to get this out of my body or I am going to die."

    After five months of treatment in China and then in a clinic in Nevada, O'Kelley was able to return home to her seven children for continued treatment by a physician in Houston. Norris shared their tax return records documenting $2 million over three years in uninsured medical expenses to help O'Kelley return to health. Now Norris is suing 11 medical companies for the part they played in not warning the couple and others of the dangers of using a GBCA for MRI contrast.


    The story of FAT!!


    Reversing hardening of the arteries!!



    Dr. Goodman and Vit K2.



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