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Breezy Hill Farm Update Jan 21, 2018

Posted 1/21/2018 3:11pm by Art Ozias.


  • If you have access to the BBC, the second edition of the Blue Planet II will be broadcast this evening.  If it is like Blue Planet, it will be an excellent program.
  • I just finished, Eat Bacon, Don't Jog, by Grant Pettersen.  It is an excellent book.  The information is broken into easy to read and understand segments.  Each segment is at most two pages, most are just one page.  It gets a two thumbs up!!
  • I am enclosing information on grass finished beef. Most of you know most of this information, but we have several new people now included in our weekly UPDATES.
  • Our ground beef list is nearing completion.  I will be scheduling that pick up soon.
  • I am now caught up on the Dirt Hog list.  At least, I think I'm caught up.  If you requested a hog, I must have lost your request.  If I did, resend your request.

Without soil, there is no food. And soil stripped of its organic, microbial life produces food stripped of the nutrients and microbes we require for good health.

Today is World Soil Day. A good day to recall the wisdom of Franklin D. Roosevelt:

“The Nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.”

For decades, we’ve been on the wrong path when it comes to caring for the soil. According to a recent report, the UK is only 30-40 years away from the “total eradication of soil fertility.”

That warning is even more dire that the United Nations’ prediction of just 60 years of farming left, unless we do something to restore the world’s soils.

Closer to home? A recent article on put it this way:

“To the extent that America’s agricultural soil is a national treasure — and a buried treasure at that — industrial ag has been squandering it for decades.”

The article notes that 96 percent of North America’s soil erosion comes from our current methods of food production.


Here's how to do a rib roast.




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