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Breezy Hill Farm Update Mar. 5, 2018

Posted 3/5/2018 8:49pm by Art Ozias.


  • Looks like warmer weather is here.  Grass is starting to wake up.  We will be sorting out the cows due to start calving about Mar. 15.  We will be weighing some of the beeves this week.  We will then schedule with the processor.  If you are on the list for freezer beef, we will be starting soon.
  • We still have some lard and a few marrow bones.  Also we have a few rib roasts.
  • Virginia is having her first chicken day, May 12.  If you are wanting free range fryers, email her,  She also has two fat lambs.
  • I am including a link to an article about grass finished beef and an embedded link about CAFO's.  I know some locals are concerned about a CAFO in Johnson County. We believe in "eating what's local" ( but not from CAFOs) and vote with our dollars accordingly.
  • We made a decision when we began our grass finished beef business; our price per pound would track very closely with the price of beef at our local grocery store.  The only difference would be that you have to have a freezer and buy  a quarter, half or whole.  So, you will pay the same amount, just have to buy it all at one time.


Do NOT Take Calcium If You Have a Heart Condition or Atrial Fib



Why Conventional Meat Is Bad for You

Many so-called experts continue to suggest meat production — especially beef — contributes to environmental destruction. Therefore, the logic follows, if you give up eating meat from farm animals, you will help reduce your carbon footprint.

As Williams, Savory and others attest, the reality is not all meat production is the same, especially when it comes to beef. While all cows begin their lives foraging for grass on open pasture, about 97 percent of U.S. cattle spend their last days in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), where they are fattened with grain prior to slaughter.

This system of using CAFOs, which are hotbeds for disease and antibiotic misuse, is energy-intensive and responsible for the high carbon emissions normally associated with livestock operations. If you need more convincing about the dangers of CAFOS, also known as factory farms, check out my “The Truth About Factory Farms” infographic.

Of particular cause for alarm is the long-standing practice CAFOs have of feeding low doses of antibiotics to farm animals, which enables pathogens to survive, adapt and eventually thrive. The reality that nearly 80 percent of antibiotics administered in the U.S. go into farm animals should give you a sense of why CAFOs are becoming increasingly more well-known for their role in spreading deadly antibiotic-resistant disease.

Here is link for entire article, Why This Meat Is so Healthy

Grass fed meat is the healthiest and safest meat you can consume, and sales of it continue to rise.

For those in the local area be sure to click on the link above, The Truth About Factory Farms. There is a local issue with a CAFO near Powell Gardens.





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