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Breezy Hill Farm Update May 1, 2018

Posted 5/1/2018 9:14pm by Art Ozias.


  • Just to make sure everyone has the opportunity to see grass based genetics at work on a fresh new grass pasture.  This was yesterday.  It was a sight watching them attack this salad bar of new grass.  They acted like we had had them on dirt for a week.  They had been on another fresh pasture and we rotate frequently to harvest our pastures.  As you are out and about this Spring and see cows on pasture notice how tall the grass is.  Most pastures in my area have dirt showing.
  • Purple Martins are back in force.  All of our gourd houses are full.  
  • Ground beef pick up went very well.  The list for the next harvest has started.  Will be mid summer for the next pick up.
  • The "Dirt Hog" list is empty.   We finally got caught up.  I have another new source, so there will be more.
  • Our raised beds are full.  Hopefully, you have started your gardens.  Fresh vegetables always taste better and are more nutrient dense than anything from the store.
  • Remember, May 12 is Virginia's first chicken day.  You can contact her at

Please forward this to your friends even those not dealing with cancer. Make sure your immune system is being given a high priority.


Story at-a-glance

  • Industrial agriculture, factory farms and GMOs have devastated the environment, public health and rural economic development

  • The U.S. now spends more money on health care than any other nation, in large part due to damage to the environment and public health

  • Approximately 85 percent of Americans do not consume the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recommended intakes of the most important vitamins and minerals necessary for proper physical and mental development

  • We need to boycott GMOs and factory-farm food, and make organic, regenerative and grass fed food the norm by 2025



Debra planted a lot of beets for this year and then this article appeared in my email. It's time. PLANT SOME BEETS.


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