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Breezy Hill Farm Update May 14, 2018

Posted 5/14/2018 9:42pm by Art Ozias.


  • Wow, our strawberry raised bed is just full of blooms and hundreds of green strawberries.  Our fruit trees are loaded with cherries, peaches, apples and plums.  I'm sure the pears will show later.
  • Most of my grafting this year was successful, and those from previous years will have fruit this year.  Just think, you can have one tree in your backyard and it can have many different fruits on that same tree.
  • Our raised bed is full of real food.   Anyone wanting to get a tour, just let us know.
  • Times are changing, everyone used to respond to an email.  Now an email can sit in ones inbox for days.  We will be asking for a phone number for all orders.  Our experience is a phone text is answered almost immediately.
  • We have a half of a dirt hog that needs a new owner.  I can't wait any longer for a response to my email.  Let me know, first email gets it.
  • If you got a dirt hog in April, could you email me your check number, so I can update my records.  I think I have a person with two different numbers.  Thanks.



There's a great deal of science involved in fermentation. Some people even find all the details quite fascinating on how Mother Nature provides us with such a gift. Louis Pasteur, the French chemist, was the first to study the chemistry of fermentation.



 Organic standards have been significantly watered down, in some cases to the point of no longer fulfilling even the most basic criteria. Case in point: The acceptance of hydroponics for organic certification. According to organic regulations, an organic grower's crop rotation plan must maintain or improve soil organic matter, yet hydroponics grow food without any soil at all. Without soil, how can their operations improve soil health?

Regenerative agriculture is a return to what organic was originally all about — the protection and rebuilding of topsoil and ecological biodiversity. Unfortunately, Big Food is acting quickly this time around. Companies are already trying to cash in on the burgeoning trend, and it becomes rather problematic when junk food is paraded as flagship products for regenerative agriculture.


Another good Dr. Berg video.




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