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Breezy Hill Farm Update Aug 5, 2018

Posted 8/5/2018 9:22pm by Art Ozias.


  • It was 99 deg in the sun today. Thermometer is mounted on the corral.  Still very dry and ponds are dropping.  Sure would be nice to have 4-5 inches over two to three days.    
  • Ebay has changed from what it was just a few years ago.  While we were milking we would buy yogurt makers on ebay.  There was an active auction always for used Salton yogurts makers.  I would see what the shipping was and subtract that from $20 and place my bid. For about 5-6 years I probably got 10-15 makers.  We sold them to our milk customers for the $20, so they would have another way to use our milk.  Out of curiosity I checked to see what was available today on ebay.  Not much for auctions, and you can't touch one for under $40, including shipping.  I hope those who bought their makers are still using them.  We make a batch quite often.  Sure is much better than store yogurt.
  • Peaches are ripe.  I lost the entire crop on one tree to the Japanese beetles.  I guess it pays to have more than one and different varieties that ripen at different times. 
  • Elderberries are starting and the grapes have started.  What is better than cutting open a ripe peach and enjoying it right there under the tree?  Or cutting off a bunch of grapes and spitting out the seeds.


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