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Breezy Hill Farm Update Jan 11, 2019

Posted 1/11/2019 12:51pm by Art Ozias.


  • I received a call from one of my Dirt Hog farmers.  He has some ready to sell.  I am updating my list to make sure your requests are current.  If anyone else is interested in a half or whole Dirt Hog let me know NLT Sunday.  Price is still very good.  They will be processed at Nadler's in Wellington.
  • I have scheduled a ground beef day for Feb 2.  I do not have enough orders for two beeves, so I am taking in only one.  Requests will be filled on a first come basis, then when I have enough for another beef we will fill those requests later.  I will be contacting those on the list to see if roasts or briskets are wanted.   Last time several people ordered both.  
  • It looks like I will start feeding some hay, as they are forecasting a significant snow storm this weekend.  My stockpiled grass pastures have been exceptional.  Cows are in excellent condition.  I wish all could see them.   We weighed them yesterday, so we know how many are available.  The relative mild winter and stockpiled grass has extended are grazing period.  It turned out much better than it looked in September, when it was so  dry.
  •  For you gardeners, it's time to start some onion seeds, and soon it will be time to start other seeds.  Until then enjoy browsing those seed catalogs, and make plans and order your seeds (your food) for this coming year.


According to a study published in the journal PNAS January 18, 2018, people who receive the seasonal flu shot and then contract influenza excrete infectious influenza viruses through their breath. What’s more, those vaccinated two seasons in a row have a greater viral load of shedding influenza A viruses.

They also note that other studies suggest annual flu vaccination leads to reduced protection against influenza, which means each vaccination is likely to make you progressively more prone to getting sick.

Read the entire article. It's that time of year and you need to know some facts if you choose not to get vaccinated.


So, if you’re going to gamble, which odds would you rather have — a 1 in 71 chance of being protected against respiratory infection, or a 1 in 33 chance (or 1 in 4 should you be severely vitamin D deficient)? Despite such evidence, when was the last time a public health authority even mentioned vitamin D as a preventive measure?



  • Cholesterol, long vilified as the cause of cardiovascular disease, is a vital component to nearly every cell in your body for the construction of cell membranes, regulation of cell signaling and neurological health

  • A recent review of three large industry-funded studies found it was impossible for cholesterol to be the main cause of heart disease as those with low levels had the same levels of arterial sclerosis as those with high levels

  • The same study found benefits claimed by statin supporters are ineffective and unsafe, as statements are invalid, compromised by misleading statistics and excluding information from unsuccessful trials

    • Heart disease is driven by a chronic inflammatory response in your body you may impact through adequate intake of magnesium, reducing insulin secretion, balancing omega-3 and omega-6 fat ratio and maintaining iron levels in safe limits


    Bad Burgers


    The world’s largest meat packer, JBS Tolleson, is recalling nearly 7 million pounds of beef after an investigation identified JBS as the common supplier of ground beef products sold to people who developed Salmonella Newport, a disease that causes fever and diarrhea, weakness, dyspnea and, potentially, sudden death.

    As of October 4,
    57 people in 16 states had been sickened by JBS beef.

    If that’s not enough to make you swear off industrial factory farm beef, here’s more food for thought: There’s a good chance the JBS beef was contaminated because it contained a combination of cattle raised for beef, and dairy cows sent off for slaughter because they were too sick to produce milk.

    According to an 
    article published this week in The New Food Economy, scientists have known since the 1980s that dairy cows are a primary reservoir of Salmonella Newport. The authors say the facts point to an “ongoing food safety crisis hidden in plain sight.”

    One way to address that crisis? End industrial dairy farming which creates the conditions that make cows susceptible to a host of painful and debilitating illnesses, including Salmonella Newport.

    Read ‘Another Reason to End the ‘Dirty Dairy’ Industry: Contaminated Hamburgers'


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