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Breezy Hill Farm Update Feb. 10, 2019

Posted 2/10/2019 8:32pm by Art Ozias.


  • Not much going on, just ice and more ice.  Hopefully, this next week will be warmer.
  • I was able to schedule another beef for ground beef, so we should be able to fill most of your requests.  Pickup will be Mar 2.  
  • Have started another Dirt Hog list.  If interested send your request.
  • I'll be presenting a short talk next week on "Soils".  I've collected a bunch of links to presentations for that group.  I will include some of those in my updates in the coming weeks.  The links (presentations) are quite informative.  I think most assume that the path we are on is sustainable.  Well, maybe and maybe not.  After watching/listening to the various presenters you may come to the conclusion that the Farm Bureau and current USDA may need to make some major changes to their "Feed the World" storyline.


  • Research shows having a vitamin D blood level above 60 ng/mL lowers your risk of breast cancer by more than 80 percent, compared to having a level below 20 ng/mL

Chances are, you've been barraged with reminders that mammograms save lives. Unfortunately, little effort is made to educate women about actual prevention. Detecting cancer has nothing to do with prevention. At that point, it's already too late.

Mammograms also have serious health risks, none of which are addressed by the conventional breast cancer awareness campaigns. Importantly, vitamin D optimization could potentially eliminate a vast majority of breast cancers, yet this key information is being completely ignored.


As Jim Hightower, former Secretary of Ag in Texas and present day populuist, says, “It's not enough to be for the farmer, you have to be against the bastards trying to run over the farmer”.


The Monsanto Papers. If you know someone who still uses and believes Round-Up is ok, send them this link and perhaps IF they read it they just may be convinced otherwise.


18 with E. coli in 4 States tied to Cargill Ground Beef Did anyone see this in the news? It is so commonplace today than it has become the new normal.   GO AHEAD AND READ IT HERE!!!!


Art Ozias

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