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Breezy Hill Farm Update Mar. 3, 2019

Posted 3/3/2019 7:58pm by Art Ozias.


  • Ground beef pickup went very well.  The processor messed things up by not giving me the correct amount, pounds of ground beef.  We had the correct number for roasts and briskets.  The schedule of coming every five minutes worked quite well.  That may be the way pickup is handled for future pickups.
  • The next list is already started.  The next time will depend on how fast the list fills, but my guess is it will not be until May.  When warm weather returns we will do smaller amounts so we can get it into your cooler faster.
  • Onion plants are up and growing.  Have been pruned a couple of times.  Cabbage plants have two leaves.  Seed orders are arriving and soon other plants will be on the plant bench. 
  • It's just two weeks until the scouts, purple martins, will be coming.  I got to finish getting their houses ready. It's been pretty easy to not get outside and do the normal late winter stuff done.  It's been cold and a lot of snow.
  • I usually don't include links for things other than health, sustainable ag, and food, but I have included a Tedx talk.  I think you'll enjoy it.  If you know someone in high school or college you may want to forward this on.
  • Also, I'm continuing to add at the end one of the links I gave to the Environmental group on soil health.


No time to plow through the Monsanto Papers? No worries. Now you can watch the movie.

"The Monsanto Papers," a documentary produced by ABC News in Australia, reveals the secret tactics Monsanto(now owned by Bayer AG) used to hide the toxic truth about its flagship product—Roundup weedkiller.

The Monsanto Papers consist of millions of pages of internal corporate documents and communications that piece together how Monsanto colluded with U.S. regulatory agencies to conceal studies linking glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, to non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

The documents came to light during the landmark case of Dewayne Johnson v. Monsanto. Johnson is a former school groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma after routinely spraying school properties with Roundup. His was the first of now 9,000 similar cases pending against Bayer-Monsanto.


The gut flora is truly amazing.  McBride is a little difficult to understand.  She is a russian, and practices in the UK.  After listening for a while, you will pick up on her pronunciations, and it will be easier to understand.  Stick it out and you will learn a bunch.


Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is a medical doctor with two postgraduate degrees: Master of Medical Sciences in Neurology and Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition.

She graduated as a medical doctor in Russia. After practicing for five years as a Neurologist and three years as a Neurosurgeon she started a family and moved to the UK, where she got her second postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition. She practices in the UK as a nutritionist and not as a medical doctor.

She is well known for developing a concept of GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome), which she described in her book Gut And Psychology Syndrome - Natural Treatment for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia, now in its second edition. Thousands of people around the world follow the highly successful GAPS Nutritional Protocol to help themselves and their families. You can learn about GAPS on

In her clinic Dr Campbell-McBride works as a nutritional consultant with many patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke and other complications of atherosclerosis. She has become acutely aware of the existing confusion about nutrition and these conditions, which spurred an intensive study into this subject. The result of this study was her book Put Your Heart In Your Mouth! - What Really Is Heart Disease And What We Can Do To Prevent And Even Reverse It.

Dr Campbell-McBride is a keynote speaker at many professional conferences and seminars around the world. She frequently gives talks to health practitioners, patient groups and associations. She is also a Member of The Society of Authors, The British Society for Ecological Medicine, and is a Director on the Advisory Board of The Weston A Price Foundation. She has contributed to many books on nutrition and is a regular contributing health editor to a number of magazines and newsletters.


Here is the Tedx Talk.  I have watched this three times.  It's excellent.


Soil link.  

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