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Breezy Hill Farm Update Apr 7, 2019

Posted 4/7/2019 10:20pm by Art Ozias.


  • Finally, the martins returned.  Now I am waiting for the barn swallows.  
  • We have renovated several pastures.  Had to avoid a few wet spots.  Hopefully, we can get in a couple of days this week.
  • Took down a large sunburst locust on Saturday.  I little tricky as it was near the house.  Now we have about two hours of chipping to clean up the non firewood limbs.  Then when we get time will have to cut, split and stack firewood for next winter.
  • Debra has lots of our garden planted and many seedlings started.
  • There was an excellent interview in the recent ACREs magazine by Walter Jehne.  When I find it I will post it.  
  • B. Wertz got the fat lamb.  It's not very often that someone calls me having a lamb.
  • We are all caught up on freezer beef.  The ground beef continues to grow and I have several wanting a Dirt Hog.


Ever since I was in Germany, I've been looking for Blutwurst. I haven't seen any for several years. After reading this article I am going to double my search. Any leads appreciated.


The Trump EPA’s reckless re-approval of this dangerous poison ignores the facts on the ground and damage across millions of acres,” Nathan Donley, CBD senior scientist, said. “Simply adding more use restrictions to an uncontrollable pesticide that already comes with 39 pages of instructions and limitations reflects a broken process. Pesticide regulation has been hijacked by pesticide makers.”

Industry studies show evidence of bias and misleading conclusions on widely used insecticide:  Be sure to read this one!!!


Here's one just for FUN!

This is just amazing. Anyone who has tagged a new born calf will appreciate this. I used to, and after nearly been the victim of a protective new momma cow, I decided to wait a few weeks, get them in a pen all by themselves and tag them with their mommas on the other side of the corral fence. I can't blame the cow, they are doing exactly what I want a new mother to do, protect her new born against anything including me.


Here are two more of the links I provided to the Environmental Group



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