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Breezy Hill Farm Update May 26, 2019

Posted 5/26/2019 10:12pm by Art Ozias.


  • I finally got my fruit tree traps refilled about a week ago.  Trees are just loaded with small fruit.  Looks like cherries will be ripe soon.  I ate a sweet cherry today, but it was not quite ripe.  I didn't do my usual pruning this year, due to the extremely wet spring, and it shows.  It now is harder to do with leaves on the limbs.  I have removed a bunch of dwarfs and doubles, and still have many to do.  
  • I think I had in a recent UPDATE that the grasses in my pastures was waist high.  Well, they are now even taller.  My border collie has to jump up to see and then run to stay ahead of me on my 4-wheeler.  It's hard to find the thistles when I'm out spraying.  I go back in a couple of days and find the ones I missed hidden in the grass.  They grow fast and are forced to get tall as grass is so tall.
  • Anyone want a SCOBY or Kefir grains???  They are free.  Just bring a jar.  Lime, Ginger KOMBUCHA is a great drink, especially as the temperatures increase.
  • Does anyone do riddles anymore?  That used to be a common thing back when, before the internet, smart phones and Netflix.  Here's one.  We'll see who can solve it.  "When it thunders and lightnings, what is green that becomes blue?"  Today that is more true than in past years.  Send your answers to me and I'll include the results in an upcoming UPDATE.
  • This month we've had several liquid "dust storms".




  • The conversion of large amounts of fertile land to desert has long been thought to be caused by livestock, such as sheep and cattle overgrazing and giving off methane. This has now been shown to be incorrect, as removing animals to protect lands speeds up desertification

  • According to Allan Savory, an African ecologist, dramatically increasing the number of grazing livestock is the only thing that can reverse both desertification and climate change

  • Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and large-scale monocrop farms directly contribute to climate change and environmental pollution

  • To improve soil quality, we must improve its ability to maintain water. Once land has turned to bone-dry desert, any rain simply evaporates and/or runs off. The solution is twofold: The ground must be covered with vegetation, and animals must roam across the land

  • In the documentary, “Running Out of Time,” Savory details his holistic herd and land management plan, and shows how land that has turned to desert can be brought back to become fertile and productive once again through the use of livestock



This is just amazing. Anyone who has tagged a new born calf will appreciate this. I used to, and after nearly been the victim of a protective new momma cow, I decided to wait a few weeks, get them in a pen all by themselves and tag them with their mommas on the other side of the corral fence. I can't blame the cow, they are doing exactly what I want a new mother to do, protect her new born against anything including me.





  • Nearly half of America’s cropland is devoted to GMO crops, including over 140 million acres of GE corn, soybeans and cotton; 70 to 80 percent of supermarket, restaurant and school cafeteria processed foods are contaminated with GE corn, soy, canola, high fructose corn syrup and cotton seed/vegetable oil

  • Ninety percent of U.S. meat and animal products come from factory farms, where livestock are fed GE animal feed (corn and soy), and routinely given animal drugs and growth promoters

  • Unless we can shut down the factory farms, rebuild our soils, restore our watersheds and forests and get rid of the toxins, GMOs and greenhouse gases contaminating our bodies and our environment, mounting evidence suggests we may soon, perhaps in the space of one generation, pass the point of no return

  • Industrial, GMO-tainted, pesticide-laden, factory-farmed foods are bad for your health, bad for farm animals, bad for small farmers and farmworkers, bad for the environment and bad for the climate

  • Groups including the Organic Consumers Association, Beyond Pesticides and Food & Water Watch, have launched numerous lawsuits, suing companies for fraudulently labeling their products as natural, pasture-raised, ecofriendly or U.S.-made, when they are not





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