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Breezy Hill Farm Update Nov 17, 2019

Posted 11/17/2019 8:19pm by Art Ozias.


  • We got our fryers done on Saturday.  We cut them into meals.  We removed the thigh and drumstick (one piece), the wings , the breast (whole both sides) and the upper and lower back (one piece).  We'll later thaw out the backs and cook for chicken soup  and broth.  A package of wings, a thigh and drumstick, and the breast cut in half, each will make a meal.  Dividing the breast will be much easier if partially frozen. The necks will be cooked for broth and soup.  Finally, a meal or two of liver and gizzards (for Art).
  • This next Saturday Virginia will be doing turkeys.  She only has some larger ones available.  She will divide one for you.   Buy one from Virginia and vote for local.  You will never get one from the grocery store after tasting a turkey raised on grass. 
  • We got the goose.  Virginia only had the one goose.   I guess I responded first.  It will be a flash back for me.  My grandmother always got a goose from a neighbor who raised 30-40 each year, just for Christmas goose dinners.  It was a real treat once a year and the dumplings, wow.
  • We weaned some of our calves today, so tonight and tomorrow night there will be a lot of mooing both from the mothers and from their calves.  We fence wean, so mothers are right next to the calves to reassure them.  It sure helps to shorten the entire process.
  • Just as soon as the weaning process is over, we will weigh the freezer beeves and pick out three to schedule with the processor.  Those on my current list should have their beef before Christmas.


A cow's body is designed to eat and process grass, but the majority of beef and dairy in the U.S. comes from cows finished on grain. Unfortunately, this is the way of unethical, unhealthy and environmentally devastating concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that dominate industrial agriculture.

Grass fed beefcoconut oil and cocoa butter are some of the healthiest sources of stearic acid. An analysis from the University of Illinois compared grass fed beef to the grain fed variety and found saturated stearic acid was 36% higher in grass fed beef than in grain fed beef.  BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE “GRASS FED BEEF” LINK AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS PARAGRAPH.


Why Dr. Zach Bush believes herbicides could end life on Earth

Dr. Zach Bush went from developing chemotherapy to fighting pesticide-makers

Be sure to read this one.

"More than that, because of everything we're doing. I'd say Roundup is our public enemy number one probably, but that's one of 260 chemicals that are now prevalent in our food system. So, we have completely chemicalized the human experience and the planet itself, and so the level of toxicity has superseded the planet's capacity for life. We've lost [biodiversity] on the planet in the last 40 or 50 years, and so we're almost halfway done with this great extinction. And we're not paying attention to it very well. "



Art Ozias