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Breezy Hill Farm Update Apr. 26, 2020

Posted 4/26/2020 10:46pm by Art Ozias.


  • Iris had her calf, a heifer.  A few days later Lola Jean also had a heifer.   Now I'm milking two cows.  It's not too bad when everything works.  The cows have to get into a routine.  Who comes in first to get into the stantion, to stand and not be nervous, to remember how they behaved last time.  That first week is a challenge.  And then last night the milker wasn't maintaining its vacuum.  After thirty minutes trying to figure out why, I gave in and cancelled for the night.  I took the main component apart , replaced the internal parts and still it didn't work.  Finally, I noticed the pulsator was not fully engaged.   When it was properly installed it worked like normal.  I'll remember that for the future, but next time it will probably be something totally different.
  • I had someone request hamburger patties for the next order.  Here's the info.  The processor has a machine that makes them.  They can be 3 to 1, 4 to 1 or five to one pound.  They charge 75 cents per pound and a ten pound minimum.
  • I weighed the beeves today and as soon as I get a schedule date,  I will be notifying those on the list for freezer beef.
  • Those who recently got their Dirt Hog, including yours truly, are, I guess, feeling pretty fortunate, as the news keeps reporting of the large processors closing due to the virus. Its got to have an impact at the grocery store.
  • We have a nest of robins in our tulip tree and a nest of doves in our squeeze chute.  I had to be careful weighing the beeves today as the nest was between two pipes of the chute.  The babies had just recently hatched, so I don't think they were disturbed by the clanging and banging as the beeves moved in and out.
  • I potted ten white pines to be transplanted this fall.
  • It sure is nice to have the freezers full.  Watching the news about meat shortages, and no farm workers to harvest fruits and vegetables, is why many vegetable seed companies are running out of seeds.  Maybe people will learn to grow some of their own food.  I also read that hatcheries are way behind this year due to the increased demand for baby chicks.
  • We have four guinea hens setting.  Should have plenty of baby guineas (keets).  You need a lot.  The old owl will get some .


Dr John Ikerd formerly at MU has a very recent  presentation I think you will find interesting and informative.



  • Tap water is often brimming with harmful pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, cyanobacteria, disinfection byproducts and fluoride

  • Cyanobacteria from algae can cause skin irritations, neurological symptoms and liver and kidney damage and are linked to diseases like Alzheimer's and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • The herbicide glyphosate worsens toxic algae because cyanobacteria use its phosphonates as fuel

  • Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and large-scale monocrop farms cause high levels of nitrates to be in drinking water

  • PFAS, found in a wide range of consumer products, are also in tap water and can accumulate and stay in the human body for long periods of time



Art Ozias