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Breezy Hill Farm Update May 3, 2020

Posted 5/3/2020 9:22pm by Art Ozias.


  • You should see our strawberry plants.  We planted them last year and this year they are a picture.  We have different varieties, so some are in full bloom,many small berries and others are waiting their turn to bloom.  We try to spread them out  so we are not overwhelmed.
  • Asparagus is growing so fast.  One day they are just breaking ground and the next they are ready to cut.  Sure taste good.
  • The raised beds are now full.  Every inch is taken.  We are eating out of them, lettuces, radishes, spinach.  One bed is full of kale.  Another has cabbages and broccoli.  Who needs a produce aisle when you have your own garden produce?
  • The freezer that is over thirty years old that quit is now fixed.  Just needed a $25 part.  Thank goodness we still have a somewhat functioning repair economy.  It should be much more robust.  We throw away too many items that need a small part and someone trained in repair.  We used to get a toaster fixed.
  • Barn is full of barn swallows and boy can they fly and make a racket while near their nests.  
  • Martin gourds are full and other older houses are now being taken up.  I'll need to put up another martin "hotel" this fall.
  • Oh yes, we have a baltimore oriole feeding on oranges and singing on our east porch.  Beautiful bird and the sweetest song.  Hope they nest and raise a hatch.
  • We have guineas setting on three nests.  Often there are up to six adults covering all the eggs.  A real "it takes a village" moment.
  • Lola Jean has a new home so I am left with just Iris.  JUST Iris?  She is the best.  Does her thing outside and comes when called.  If too far away, I have a swiss cow bell and when I ring it she comes.  What a gal!
  • Now for the meat discussion.  I have had so many requests for meat, probably because of the covid plant closings.  I have decided to limit some of the requests so more people can get freezer beef and ground beef.  There will be more this fall, and if you requested a whole beef, I will get you a half on the next harvest, and add you back for the the other half when we have more ready later.  Any single request for more that fifty pounds of ground beef will be reduced to fifty pounds.  



Art Ozias