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Breezy Hill Farm Update May 17, 2020

Posted 5/17/2020 10:33pm by Art Ozias.


  • Had my first breakfast with my latest ponhaus.  I think this last batch is my best.  All the recipes you find on google use a pork roast or pork butt.  I use the head meat, and it is the best.  Nadler's do a great job in processing the head, very clean and ready to cook.  So easy.
  • Orioles are just wonderful.  We have had them in the past but they never stay.  Our neighbors of many years had Orioles.  They sold their farm and moved to town.  Maybe the Orioles went there and the new owners weren't ready so they came up the hill and have stayed.  We have more than one pair.  We learned on a youtube video they like horse hair.  I guess we need to curry Duchess more and save the hair.
  • I have several emails right now requesting freezer beef.  I will answer them later this week.  I need to weigh the beeves again to make sure just how many more I will have this year.  
  • The next ground beef pickup will be this next Saturday.  I sent out an email to those on my list this past week notifying of the pickup.  We had more requests than what is available.  Those not receiving on this harvest will be moved to the next list in the same order I received the request.
  • Processing is/has become iffy.  One processor told me that they are booked through December.  I'm on his list for a possible cancellation.  We have been watching this crisis develop the past several years, as one by one the small processors closed due to the lack of support from their local  area.  Too many people gave up their freezers and were lured into the convenience of a grocery store's meat counter.
  • No baby guineas yet.  Still have several hens covering a bunch of eggs.



Here is a great interview from ACRE's pasts issue. Take time and read ALL of it.


Very Interesting. Hope you enjoy. The next time you eat celery make sure you eat all of it.  That's not easy work.


There's more.  Contrast this with harvesting celery.


Dr. Levy in an interview with Dr Mercola, “I consider vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 to be the premier, top four supplements for promoting and maintaining good health, mainly because they're the primary antagonists to calcium accumulation, and excess calcium inside the cell … I consider to be the primary pathophysiology in all disease.”



I just learned some unsettling news.

The USDA took a step that endangers food safety and public health during a pandemic. It granted a regulatory waiver to speed up slaughter lines at a chicken plant that has repeatedly violated safety regulations and even threatened food safety inspectors.

And, there is only ONE trained government inspector at the end of the slaughter line “inspecting” three birds every second.

While we are all dealing with the national public health crisis, USDA is putting our safety further at risk by waiving our most basic food safety protections. From Food and Water Action.


Is it technologically feasible for farmers and ranchers to help turn around runaway global warming by transitioning to organic regenerative farming and grazing practices?

Yes, says Francis Thicke, an Iowa organic dairy farmer. The real question, he says, is whether it’s politically feasible.

Last September, along with Regeneration International and the Sunrise Movement, we launched the national coalition of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal. The coalition is committed to advancing policies that support organic regenerative producers.

This week we officially launch our U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal Podcast, with an interview with Thicke, one of five co-chairs of the national coalition(Be sure to watch this interview)

In this podcast, Thicke—who holds a Ph.D. in soil science, and was formerly the program leader at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil Fertility Program—talks about the economic and political challenges farmers face in an industry dominated by industrial ag mega-corporations that control the market, and federal farm policy.

Listen to the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal interview with Iowa dairy farmer, Francis Thicke





Art Ozias