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Breezy Hill Farm Update Jul 19, 2020

Posted 7/19/2020 10:37pm by Art Ozias.


  • Wow.  Never again will there be two different ground beef pickups done at the same time.  The one and half pound processors number were close.  They were in plastic bags and impossible to count ahead of the pickup.  The other processor gave me totals mid week and I based the pickup on those numbers, and it appeared there was enough for all on the list with about 50 pounds extra.  When we picked up the one pounders, I was inside buying some bacon and wursts.  As I was leaving I asked again how many pounds I had.  That number didn't match and instead of counting the number of boxes, I had Dallas recalculate by reducing some of the larger amounts.   After explaining the discrepancy to the first several customers, we looked at the remaining boxes and discovered there would have been almost enough, given that I thought I had an extra 50 pounds.  Bottom line, they told me the wrong amount when we picked up.  Sorry for the confusion that morning!
  • A new list has started and there may be another this fall.  It will depend on processor availability.  Processors are still under water with work.
  • Last week was animal week on the hill.  The guinea pair setting outside finally hatched out their brood.  Not sure how many.  They are so small and quick.  The pair have been great parents, going slowly and occasionally looking back to make sure the stragglers were keeping up.  I think we have lost a couple but the parents have quite a task ahead.  Found  a black snake in the hen nests.  Had to eliminate it.  I was gone to Holden to get chicken feed and I got a call from Debra.  There's a critter near the bee hive.  "I can't tell what it is.  I've never seen such an animal".   Turns out it was a badger.  I haven't seen one of those for several years.
  • Peaches were a bust.  And we lost  a peach and a plum tree.  Blackberries have been good.  We had a cobbler today and it was really good.
  • Last week we processed the fifteen fryers Debra raised.  It's a job.  Sure glad we only had fifteen.
  • It's dry and we missed a good rain this afternoon just to our south.

**********************************************************************  (a customer responded last week

Awesome reading Art.. it would be nice for the majority to realize and start implementing these direly needed truths... care properly for the planet and reap the much needed resources. Unfortunately human nature at the top tier is to wait for a crisis before taking action. Best for your week ahead!


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Art Ozias