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Breezy Hill Farm Update Oct. 19, 2020

Posted 10/19/2020 10:47pm by Art Ozias.


  • The next beef harvest is now set.  Normally, I just do two at a time.  This time due to the processors being booked through until next summer, I was able to get a block of eight in a two day period.  That made it easy with more flexibility to match requests, but so many more to match up.  One person did not respond to several emails and even two text messages.  He had a half of dirt hog at the processor and I had not received his payment.     Here is the email I received today, N hospital on vent. Will call when out. Pls pray. Call butcher 4 me.
  • Covid is real, folks.  I'll pick up his pork tomorrow to avoid storage costs, and I'll put him on my next dirt hog list in December if that's his decision. 
  • The next ground beef pickup will be Nov 21.  There may not be enough for all requests.  We have another scheduled for mid December.
  • Debra has successfully gotten 24 keets to the point where two guinea hens have taken over and are making sure they stay together and get in and roosted up at night.  Debra had gone down each night to make sure they were safe.  Now the adults are in charge.
  • Are you noticing all the brown fields as you drive to work or town?  Yes, the corn and soybeans even stopped months ago photosynthesising  and storing carbon in the soil.  We will have to wait until next June and then for only two or three months.  


  • "This time last year, Tyrone Gustafson’s small Iowa slaughterhouse and butchering facility, Story City Locker, was operating at about 80 percent capacity. Today, he estimates the demand has surged to approximately 120 percent and his slaughter and butchering schedule is booked out through the end of 2021."  see entire article, 



  • Hi Art!

    Keep up the good work! We’ve really enjoyed our beef and the dirt hog! The bacon is AMAZING!!

    We’ve got every possible freezer full still. What’s the next date in 2021? I saw you mentioned June, but is there anything before that? If not, please put us on your list for June. 

    Thanks so much. Can’t say enough about having great meat in my freezer!!

    Stay safe, we need you!!


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  • Here’s a show for you… Embracing the Connection Between Agriculture and Health with Zach Bush episode of Regenerative Agriculture Podcast.  This is an excellent Podcast.



Art Ozias