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Breezy Hill Farm Update Dec. 29, 2020

Posted 12/29/2020 9:42pm by Art Ozias.


  • We've had an exciting time at Breezy Hill.  We got a replacement dog for Sophie, as she is having a hip issue common with older Pyrenees .  The new pup is an Anatolian Shepherd,  also a predator control breed.  We were doing just fine, and then last week she disappeared.  We searched and searched and were sure something higher in the food chain had gotten her, and then fortunately in answer to a facebook post she was found.  She is now home and has a gps collar for the next year.
  • Our guineas are a flock of about 35.  I think we are set for next years tick and bug season.  Of course, that can all change overnight with an owl or raccoon.
  • We have a neighbor who has scheduled four pasture raised lambs with the processor.  If interested email me with your request and phone number.
  • We recently cured and smoked a side of bacon.  Wow, it is so simple and easy, and it is the best.
  • Have been having pon haus for breakfast.  Also, easy and so good.  Google it.  I use the hogs head.  Very rich.
  • I am caught up on Dirt Hogs.  If interested in the future, email me and I'll start a new list for next year.
  • Same for ground beef.  I'll be starting a new list for next year.
  • I just finished a book by Dr. Fred Provenza, Nourishment.  The first half tracks with the title and is quite interesting.  The second half is quite different.  After page 179 one will be challenged with some very dire projections, and you will have much to contemplate.  The first half took me about two weeks reading occasionally when I had extra time.  The last half I finished in two days, couldn't put it down.  For me, it was a two thumbs up book.  Should anyone read this book, please let me know how you reacted to Fred's provocative observations.  I plan to reread this book after 5-10 years.  Perhaps this book will only appeal to someone interested in nutrition, animals and who is over 70 years old.  A young person may not appreciate the second half.  A younger person may not have had enough life experiences.  I'd be curious.



Art Ozias