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Breezy Hill Farm Update Feb. 21, 2021

Posted 2/21/2021 10:33pm by Art Ozias.


  • Yes, it's been awhile.  When it is below zero not much happens.  You survive.  We never were involved in any blackouts and have had running water.  Literally, we have had to run a small steady drip anytime it gets below about 10 degrees.  We have some water lines next to an exterior basement wall and they would have frozen.  The water bill will be higher, but frozen water lines can be multiple times more costly.  My sister, across the pasture, still has frozen water lines.  She did not keep her line running.  Hopefully, this next week with temperatures near 60 we can get her issue resolved.
  • One of my Dirt Hog farmers has some available soon.  I just added someone today to my list.  Let me know.  Price is about the same.  Around a dollar per pound plus processing. I just checked my dirt hog list.  If you are still wanting a Dirt Hog let me know, so I can update my list.(
  • We will be taking advantage of the warmer weather this next week and finish weaning last year's calves.  Two or three nights of mooing will occur.   Our calving should start late next month.  Many of the locals have lost several calves due to the extreme cold.  Since they insist on calving in Jan and Feb, they need to be prepared for the possibility of very cold weather. 
  • We had someone request a SCOBY and Kefir grains last week.  Nice to know that people are willing to make their own Kombucha and to use Kefir grains. 
  • Diba, our puppy, is growing fast.  Anatolian Shepherds are big dogs.  She is learning from our Pyrenees, Sophie, how to bark and chase coyotes.  She has been pretty good about staying at home.  Maybe the snow and cold weather has been a factor.
  • I will be getting pasture seed for this Spring this week.  It won't be long until we will overseed and renovate our pastures.  
  • Oh yes, we have got to clean the Martin houses.  The scouts will be coming next month.
  • The list of "to do's" has grown since fixing anything extra in subzero weather just doesn't get done.

"Art, we have really enjoyed the hog, the bacon is awesome and the ham is amazing! Please put us in line for another hog, this time we want the whole hog. Thanks so much, Chuck"



Art Ozias