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Breezy Hill Update 11412

Posted 11/4/2012 11:18pm by Art Ozias.
  • It has never been dryer.  Just because your grass greened up and it looks like times are better, they are not.  My spring is still dry, been that way since early Summer.  We have not had any "run off" water for ponds in over a year.  This Winter is going to be very testy if there is no water in our ponds.  Isaac put 5 inches in the ponds.  There was no run off as the ground sucked it up and now the ground is very dry again.  It would take several 2-4 inch rains, and we normally don't have that going into Winter. It is forecasted we will get 0.1 inch tonight and tomorrow.  Wow!!
  • The "dirt" hog emails went out Saturday.  It you were on the list and didn't get an email, I will see if any of my other sources will have any soon.  I found a much better way to cure bacon and will try it, makes a lot of sense.
  • Coach is coming along nicely now with the sheep.  Those goats were too bossy for a young dog.
  • Sofie is spending her first night outside on the porch.  She has made herself at home, but in typical fashion does not come when called.  Pyrenees are very independent.  Lucy was half Pyrenees and half Border Collie, and when it came to training, the Pyrenees was dominant.
  • One more day and the telephone will go silent for another 4 years and we can get back to Big Pharma ads on TV.  Doctors, get ready with all the new questions, "ask your doctor is XX is right for you".
  • New research, published in the journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology, indicates a connection between a component in Monsanto’s Roundup and Parkinson’s disease. Glyphosate is said to induce cell death, with frightening repercussions.


    The combined results of this new study showed that just one 12-fl oz. can (355 ml) of diet soda daily leads to:

    - 42 percent higher leukemia risk in men and women (pooled analysis)
    - 102 percent higher multiple myeloma risk (in men only)
    - 31 percent higher non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk (in men only)

    Learn more:



    Watch Genetic Roulette free until Nov 6. 


    More on Monsanto.  This Tuesday we will know if California can cause the rest of the states to wake up.  Here’s hoping.


    And there’s more and this is quite interesting.

    that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra