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Breezy Hill Update 91612

Posted 9/16/2012 11:01pm by Art Ozias.
  • We watched the latest DVD on GMO's ,Genetic Roulette.  You are lucky as it is being made available on line this coming week.  It is a must see expose' on the ongoing debate.  REMEMBER IT IS FREE FOR THIS WEEK ONLY.
  • Ground beef is now available.  I have a list compiled from requests this past summer.  As soon as I know how many pounds are available I will send an email to notify those that are included in this particular batch.   SO WATCH FOR THAT EMAIL.  Ground beef is now $6/# at Whole Foods.  We will beat that.  We've got to see how many pounds and what the processing costs will be.  I am going to have 30# of summer sausage made.  I will have to provide the seasoning as Gilbert's can't get seasonings for summer sausage without the nitrates/nitrites. 
  • Milk is very short.  The cow that I thought was going to freshen turned out to be open and as I suspected she had too much testosterone.  The pasture is much more relaxed without her bullying the other cows.  I have been forwarding customers to a neighbor who still has an ample supply.  If you have been a customer and want milk, let me know and I can provide the name, phone number and directions.
  • I got our wheat planted on Wednesday just before the rain.  Timing was great.  I will be weaning my spring calves this week.  I need to get the cows' condition improved before winter.  The summer heat and drought with nursing a calf have been stressful.
  • I plan to get some pasture mix seed to fix some of the spots that don't appear to have recovered from the drought. 
  • We dug out the perimeter of two more ponds, since they are so low. Now we need to get them fenced to keep the cows out.


Well most of you knew there was more to this recent “news” story on organic food.  And the timing?  Most know from the news we have been reporting in our updates that Prop. 39 in California is the probable reason. If you don’t know about Prop. 39, review some of our recent updates.  The last ten are always available on our web site, .  Here is the link,

Mounting Evidence Suggests Coffee May Actually Have Therapeutic Health Benefits

Here’s the link.


If you need great coffee, stop in at Java Junction (Warrensburg)and taste the difference when you get coffee that is freshly roasted on site.

that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra