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Breezy Hill Update 93012

Posted 9/30/2012 10:31pm by Art Ozias.
  • Chicken day planning was well done and then Bob the main guy had to work overtime solving KCP&L problems.  The water was not started soon enough and that put us about 30 minutes behind.  We try to time it pretty close so you can get your chickens home and in your freezer.  Trying to hold them with ice is marginal at best.  It is absolutey necessary with the temperatures are extreme, but at 70-80 we have more of time.  I will make arrangements tomorrow for those that came early.
  • The ground beef pick up went very well.  Thanks to all that got their ground beef.
  • Milk has picked back up somewhat and we are filling most of the older existing customers.  We replaced that cow that had too much testosterone with a new cow,  Her name is Karen and she is due to calf at the end of November.  That should get us thru the Winter.
  • We have an apple tree  in bloom.  The grass went dormant during all that hot weather and it has come back with a dark green typical of Spring.  I guess plants have got it figured out, be it cold or hot, to protect themselves so they can exist.
  • We’ve talked about this regarding the pharmaceutical compainies, but if is rampant with ag corps as well.

    “Does all this funding have a direct influence on researchers? Absolutely. According to the report, more than fifteen percent of university researchers acknowledge having “changed the design, methodology, or results of a study in response to pressure from a funding source.” If fifteen percent readily acknowledge it, how many more have been influenced but are reluctant to admit it?

    We’ll conclude with the troubling story ofSouth DakotaStateUniversity. According to the report, David Chicoine, president of SDSU, joined Monsanto’s board of directors in 2009. That year he received $390,000 from Monsanto, more than his academic salary. Just a few weeks before Chicoine joined the Monsanto board, the company sponsored a $1 million plant breeding fellowship program at SDSU.

    Immediately SDSU started suing farmers for patent infringement because they were engaging in the time-honored practice of “saving seed” (farmers have historically saved the seed from their strongest crops for the next year in order to share and sell in future harvests, instead of purchasing an entirely new batch of seeds). SDSU joined Monsanto in identifying farmers who saved seed by using private investigators and toll-free anonymous hotlines.”

    Here is the link to the entire article,



    Just to keep you current on the fluoride issure.

    That's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra